Small side-track project

Haven’t had much time to really work on any of my bigger projects, so I figured to kill off my boredom of solving dynamics and thermodynamics homework I’d just build a small kit. Something hands on and slightly useful.

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Spunk – Salt Lakrids

I was interested, so some shopping online and about a week later, here they are:
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Future project?

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Olympus Stylus 760 – Black Friday Purchase

This Olympus Stylus 760, a Olympus proprietary 2GB xD memory card, and a soft camera case were my black Friday purchase. But unlike most people, I didn’t have to wake up at like 4am to camp in line, this one was an online purchase that was available way before black Friday. Lucky me I guess.

For a while I’ve been looking for a cheap point-n-shoot camera that I can carry around as a beater digital camera. And this Olympus Stylus 760 fit the book relatively well. First off it was somewhat cheap, $99 on sale, not too bad. Second, after opening it up, I noticed it had an all metal body, major plus for a camera that’s going to get bumped around quite a bit. Third it’s an ultra slim profile, so it’ll fit nicely in my backpack or pocket. Fourth, the Olympus Stylus series are weatherproof… there is a Stylus SW series that are shock and weather proof, but unfortunately none of them were on sale.

Here’s the stuff:


Tiny xD memory card:

Back and front:

And this is my main camera, now that I can take a decent picture of it with the Olympus:

So I figured that I would do a comparison between the two cameras. In all reality, it’s not a fair comparison, since it is like comparing apples to oranges, and I did not put much effort into putting the cameras through the same test under the same conditions with the same settings, etc. I just shot both cameras in their Full Auto mode. Here’s the pictures… and if you haven’t noticed by now, yes I am a slight anime junkie.

Taken by the Olympus Stylus 760:

Taken by the Canon Rebel XTi, with a skylight filter that I’m too lazy to remove:

You can really see the difference, but again, different cameras designed for different purposes.

Which brings me to my gripes about the Olympus. First off, the battery charger is quite cumbersome. The canon battery charger is nice and compact, where as the Olympus has a large cord that has to be attached to it… not good for portability, especially since point-n-shoots take way more battery power than dSLRs. Obviously the picture quality isn’t fantastic, there are better digital cameras out there, but for $99 it is a good buy. The lack of a viewfinder also means that you have to rely on the LCD screen, which is sort of fine. People rarely use their viewfinder on their point-n-shoot digital cameras, so it’s really wasn’t necessary for Olympus to put one on their cameras. But what Olympus should have done was put an anti-glare coating on the LCD. I can imagine this being a problem when shooting outdoors with a lot of sunlight. Anyways, I will post more issues or details as they arise… I hope this camera lasts me quite some time.

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The journey continues!

As posted here.

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Unexpected Lighting Project

Well, actually I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and did it all in one day. Pretty simple and straightforward project. Install 3 4-ft florescent light bars in the garage.

The only real snag was pulling apart that old power box that fed power to the garage door opener. I wanted to splice power off of it to give power to another outlet installed on the other side of the garage. But when I opened it I just stared at it for a bit. The wiring job was completely out of whack, I can’t believe that stuff like this isn’t inspected when selling a house. It was a rats nest, and well, can’t have that. I spent a good 30 minutes trimming wires and organizing all the paths. I didn’t take pictures since I was rushing to finish while the sun was up. But here’s some pictures I snapped after finishing.

The hardware:

The boxes and wiring:

This powers the first light bar (not currently plugged in), if you look carefully you’ll see an outlet on the top:

End result:

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Squeeze Burger with Cheese

These burgers were pretty famous so I had to try one. I was in Sacramento to pick up an AC hose/pipe and an o-ring, so I figured I might as well stop by.

It has a grilled cheese skirt, awesome. Well it doesn’t look as awesome in this picture because I ordered it to go and they wrapped it up. Watching them make it was awesome. It was tasty; definitely will go back there again when I can. On a side note, I don’t know if they’re really an inn, but their ‘storefront’ was a tiny red shop and was easy to miss.

Squeeze Inn
7918 Fruitridge Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 386-8599

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