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Team-Fate: UC Davis Plug-in Hybrid Electric Research Group

My friend had suggested I should start posting a list of projects that I have done. Another friend also suggested that I should post all the cars I’ve owned, but that’s for another post. I will try and do this … Continue reading

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Billiards Photography

Photography is one of my hobbies, unfortunately I’m not very good at it yet. This was a photograph taken for my final project in SAS 40, a course on photography offered at UC Davis. Looking back at it, there’s a … Continue reading

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Fluorescent Lamp Starter – Diassembly

Curious what’s inside a fluroescent lamp starter? The one in my arcade cabinet was burnt out, so after I replaced it I decided to take it apart. What it looks like: Bend the tabs outwards: Contents: It is surprisingly simple; … Continue reading

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JPac, DIY MAME Cabinets, MAME Emulator — some tips

The cabinet is still not working quite right, but here’s a few bits of info I discovered to be helpful. J-PAC: This board emulates a keyboard and oddly enough it has been having problems trying to emulate it on the … Continue reading

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Toyota 15 amp taillight converter – auto circuit protect

This was a bit of useful information that was sort of difficult to find. When I first bought the trailer it had a smashed up driver side light module. This module actually caused a horrible short in the trailer electric … Continue reading

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DIY: Low power, low cost, mini-home-server – Part 1

Right… someone made a comment on how my last post indicated the fall of a quality blog… Hard to believe since this blog really didn’t have many quality posts. So maybe I should write one. For a few years now, … Continue reading

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Mini^3 Amp – Finished

Fun project, only took a few hours. Some notes to myself: On circuit elements with polarity, if not marked, the longest lead is the positive lead. I couldn’t remember this for the life of me and somehow this info is … Continue reading

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