Hello. I cannot remember how many times I have rewritten this page, I think this revision is the 6th (as of Nov. 2010).

I am a student, living in California, pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis. During my years here at UC Davis (and even in high school) I have participated on many student project teams, research teams, and a few interesting jobs. Throughout my experiences, I have met many interesting people, heard their stories, befriended many, and maybe became not-friends with some. Regardless of the outcome, or how good or bad the experience was at the time, there have always been stories to follow, most of which I enjoy recollecting.

This about page was first created on September 2006, which I believe makes this blog (at the time of writing this update) just a little over 4 years old now. In the past, I had originally created this blog as part of a fad among friends, just posting whatever I felt like. As I grew older I started to get fed up with the result of the ease of publishing digital media, that is, a lot of useless or incorrect things are posted. I realized that I had also been doing this in earlier years, and promptly started cleaning up my blog, changing it’s focus to document the projects I want/wish/have done. But even that doesn’t quite work out well.

So now it’s about stories. Just various things I’ve experience that I have found interesting. On some levels I’ve been using this blog as a practice area for a portfolio of works. For a while I’ve been afraid of building a blog that serves to be self-aggrandizing, but my short exposure to the business world (or real world, outside of academia) has shown me that it is important to be able to display things you have worked hard to achieve.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice large time gaps between posts, and that is because I have taken the liberty to remove various ones. Even in recent times, updates are sparse. As mentioned, digital publishing is easy and I would like to be one of the individuals that does not abuse that ability and pick quality over quantity.

With that said, I hope you find something on this blog to be interesting, or even helpful. And maybe if you have a story to share, leave me a comment, I’d like to hear it.



Small details about this blog:
On a superficial level, the photograph currently featured on the top of this blog is one that I took while visiting Japan. To be more specific, I believe I took the photograph from the Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro, Japan.

“Don’t get mad, get even” is a famous quote said by Robert F. Kennedy. At the time of creating this blog I enjoyed the quote quite a bit and I still do. Though the quote can be interpreted in multiple ways, I like to believe that it is telling us to talk less, act more. I’ve had a lot of experiences where people move their mouths significantly more than they move their hands. Talk can be valuable, but talk alone rarely builds you your real-world solution.