JPac, DIY MAME Cabinets, MAME Emulator — some tips

The cabinet is still not working quite right, but here’s a few bits of info I discovered to be helpful.

J-PAC: This board emulates a keyboard and oddly enough it has been having problems trying to emulate it on the PS/2 port, and the keyboard pass through doesn’t work. I haven’t contacted the guys at Ultimarc but I learned that it is MUCH better to use the USB option instead. Unfortunately this requires me to reinstall my OS as I had managed to somehow mess up that feature (usb keyboard), but I tested it on my personal desktop and it works fantastic. Plus this lets you plug your keyboard directly into the computer, which is REALLY needed during the debug phase.

Arcade Monitors: I set mine to low-res and put the computer to metal slug’s resolution of 320×240, or something close to that. It works until I enable soft15khz to force 15khz output, which changes the resolution, which doesn’t fit on the monitor. No tried solution yet but if you go to their website, you can learn how to write a simple text file to disable resolutions which don’t work on your arcade monitor.

Windows XP: I tried to hack mine down with nLite, bad plan. Just do the typical install with the windows CD. Although this means more RAM eaten, it ensures the least amount of problems. Plus RAM is cheap nowadays.

More later, as always.

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